My first day at college essay for fsc

Her words echoed in my mind on my last day at college. This description of the college life was in sharp contrast to the school life which I had seen tor ten years.

They simply tell the students to be conscious of their responsibilities. When l reached the gate of the college, some senior students of the college were standing there. But beofre leaving, i wanted to have a last glimpse of the college. It was for the first time that students were no in their uniforms.

The chairswere empty and there was a silence everywhere. In the end, our Principal gave us his blessings ourselves to the building of our nation. Everyone was in a very pleasant mood.

We were guided by books and other matters. Some of them may be forgotten, whereas others leave an everlasting imprint on the mind. He asked the boys to assemble in the hall where the Principal would address them. It was new world of learning and liberty. When I was returning home, all the memories of my first day at College came to my mind.

Some of them were in jolly mood and wanted to befool the new-comers. I was happy that I had availed myself of college opportunity successfully, but I was also sad because I was going to leave the place I valued highly.

In the poem, I paid tribute to the worthy professors who had enlightened us and infused in us a thirst for knowledge. It was indeed a completely new world to me. Only through expereince of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired and succes achieved.

These were the token of love and rememberance. They made some acting comedy performances, which we enjoyed a lot. They had worked out their own plans to make the new-comers indulge in strange actions. A college is a place for making friends and for chalking out programmers to go to the pictures or for picnics.

I felt a new rhythm of life and returned home with a mixed sense of duty and liberty. I attended the classes. However, we decided to act together to avoid their practical jokes. Then we came to the time to leave forever. You might know where your class buildings are, but where is Room A.

I was very much delighted to see the grand library of the college where I could find books on very subject. This essay is available with very good vocabulary and grammar. Farewell my friends, farewell my foes, My love with these, may care for those.

It appreciated the guidance we had given to our juniors. It was very emotional gathering. I found a considerable difference between the school life and that of college. As scan as I appeared in the Matriculation examination, I started thinking of free independent and interesting life of the collage.

Then I was to speak a few words. The same had happened to them on their first day at College. When I was on my way to the home, the rain started suddenly. These were the token of love and remembrance. My first choice was Govt. There were newspapers and periodicals.

My first day at college was a blend of joy, excitement, fear and surprise. I could not find my classroom. Kibbee There is hardly any living being who has not gone through ups and downs of life. The senior students had played a trick to me. But my first day at college fresh in unforgettable days of my life.

I must say that memories are one of the way to lead life and it is well said "Memory is treasury and guardian of all the making habits for things.".

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My first day at college was a blend of joy, excitement, fear and surprise. got up early in the morning. offered my Fajr prayer and recited the verses of the Holy Quran.

I took breakfast, wore the college uniform and got ready to go to the college, my father dropped me at. Sep 20,  · My First Day At College Essay For F.A Fsc B.A Bsc (Advance Ideal English Grammar & Composition) My First Day At College (OR) My First Impression Of College (OR) Pleasure Of College Life.

Posted by Rambo Production at AM. Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. Essays My First Day at College Essay for FSc Second Year The college had a wonderful building, lovely playgrounds and devoted Professors.

A College is dreamland of every student’s educational life and career. It is a beautiful period and picture of learning, enjoyment, freedom and friendship. Sweet memories of college life are simply amazing.

My Last Day at College Essay with quotations is an important Essay with the point of view of Examination of FSC and Graduation.

My Last Day at College Essay with Simple Quotation

Students who are willing to appear in exams should learn this essay from the heart. After preparing it they should practice it on the notebook.

Short essay on my last day at college for fsc My first day at college essay for fsc
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